3 Areas Photographers Can Focus on That Will Increase Profits

Being self-employed is a tough task, regardless of your specialization.

But being a self-employed photographer is perhaps on the more difficult end of self-employment, simply because it’s an industry that has its ups and downs.

By that I mean you might have several months of being incredibly busy, then several months during which you don’t have many clients.

Making a solid income as a photographer doesn’t have to be a huge struggle, however.

All it takes is making some smart business decisions such that you can squeeze as much profit out of the time you have.

Let’s examine three ways that you can increase your profits without much additional time or expense.

Outsource Editing

If you’ve been a photographer for any amount of time, you already know that actually taking photos doesn’t consume that much of your day. Editing those photos, however, takes a significant chunk out of your billable hours, as does design and production of products like photo albums.

So why not outsource those duties so you can use that time to focus on working with other clients, taking more photos, and getting even more revenue coming in?

The problem with outsourcing in the past is that it was a hit or miss proposition. You might hire a freelancer to do some work on wedding photos, only to get a product back that wasn’t up to snuff, and which you certainly wouldn’t present to your clients.

But now there’s a new sheriff in town – Freedom Edits – that offers premium outsourcing services so you get a gorgeous, consistent product each and every time.

Think about it…

You meet with your clients, develop a shot list, and do your thing with your camera. Then, instead of slaving away for hours hunched over your computer putting the final touches on your photos, you send them to Freedom Edits, where your dedicated team of three editors uses what they learned about you in your video consultation to edit your photos in a way that reflects who you are as a photographer.

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