Your guide to creating the ultimate luxury wedding

Are you somebody that doesn’t half do anything? Have you been dreaming of hosting the ultimate luxury wedding – frills and all? Here’s everything you need to include to create your luxury wedding.

The vision

Couples who embark on planning the ultimate luxury wedding want to create something that reflects what they enjoy in life. Usually these couples enjoy the finer things in life and pay special attention to fashion trends and designer labels.

There’s no minimum or limit on how many guests are invited, though the expensive details included in a luxury wedding usually cut down the invite list. With a smaller guest list, those hosting a luxury wedding often take better care of their guests. For instance, if it were a destination luxury wedding, perhaps the couple would ensure everyone is put up in accommodation and looked after for the duration of the wedding.


Unsurprisingly, luxury weddings come with a large price tag. However, couples who embark on planning a luxury wedding take this into account when initially choosing their theme.

Budget is usually not an issue when it comes to those dreaming of a luxury wedding. They want to create something truly extravagant and lavish and will pay whatever it takes to bring their vision to life.

Ceremony venue

There’s no cookie-cutter ceremony venue when it comes to luxury weddings. However, the ceremony itself is usually done up to the nines dripping with style and sophistication.

Typically, luxury weddings occur indoors or under cover. This is so the bride can wear whatever she likes without risking snagging or dirtying her dress like she might at a garden wedding ceremony. If the couple were to choose a church, usually they would choose one known for being particularly beautiful. The same goes for civil ceremony locations.

Reception venue

Those planning a luxury wedding typically choose to host their reception indoors at a particularly beautiful or extravagant location. For instance, this might include a ballroom or an art gallery.

Some might even choose their wedding venue purely based on how luxury, exclusive, or expensive the venue is.

For reference see below: Wade and Mohammad closed the Palazzo Versace Hotel in the Gold Coast just for their special day!


Invitations set the tone of what to expect at a wedding in terms of styling, theme, dress code, etc. For a luxury wedding, the invitations may be particularly modern and elegant, featuring beautiful font or metallic detailing.

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